Tuesday, June 30, 2015


My new blog www.boomerbabelife.com was borne from a desire to add oomph to the lives of all my fellow 'Boomer Babes'. Let's face it, girls -- we're still babes at heart, right? We all like to feel pretty, pampered, but most especially at peace with ourselves. If you're like me, then you have survived on this planet for more than five decades. You meet life head on, have experienced your fair share of trials and tribulations, and yet continue to fight the good fight. You're still standing, girl, so give yourself a congratulatory hug as you say to the world 'Bring it on!!!!'.

So without further ado, let your fingers do the walking over to my new space -



Thursday, May 14, 2015


Yeps, Polly is taking a nice long summer holiday... Business has been brisk, and I'm in the process of producing a fun new blog with my daughter Ali. The new blog is going to be a lifestyle blog with more photos, videos (yes! videos). I will do a blog  (try at least!) daily from Monday to Friday.

Each day will have a different theme - planetary activity as it will affect us - fashion - recipes - parties - you name it BOOM will have it!! I was gifted with a fabulous new video camera from Kevin and the girls for Mother's Day so yay!! having lots of fun playing with this new toy.

I will be on our local CFAX radio this coming Saturday chatting with Patty Mack about the truly fascinating world of Angels and Astrology - 1.00 p.m. Canadian time. Join us if you can!


Polly P xxx

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


                    'If action is an art, let us be the artists of our own life'.                                                                         
This morning I listened to a fascinating podcast which really got me thinking. I never thought about my life in terms of days. Did you know that 30,000 days is the average amount of days any of us are given to do our thing/make a difference, on this planet? Sobering thought. Some of us are given less, while others, with a bit of luck, get an extension. Still, whatever way you wish to slice it - 30,000 days. How about 'Around the World in 30,000 days'.  

Yes, you're busy, social media keeps us on our toes, but is it like that proverbial rocking chair which keeps us moving, but never gets us anywhere? Does your busy life reflect what truly matters to you? This was the question posed by Gregg Krech, author of 'The Art of Taking Action' lessons from Japanese Psychology, which I am looking forward to reading. Put the big rocks in the vase first, in other words spend at least 10 minutes per day working towards a goal which really and truly matters to you. Gregg was a pathetic procrastinator, the sort of guy who would go out and buy paper plates to eat his takeout dinner, rather than clean the pile of dirty dishes stacked in the sink. That's how bad the poor fellow was!

Wake up to what you're paying attention to. Set yourself a timer of say 45 minutes to observe what you set your thoughts on. Positive? Negative? Got an idea of what you want to do in this life that feeds your soul? Set aside 10 mins. a day doing the things that are important to you, more, if you have it. Remember that what you resist persists! Once a body is in motion, it stays in motion. So just press the START button, and remember to smile before you answer the telephone!

Gregg Krech is now a changed man. The defining moment was when his workaholic father died in his arms, it made him question his own life, and how he was a living it. Take heart all you baby boomers like me. There is still plenty of time left to really make a difference. In fact Gregg maintains that no matter how old you are, there is still plenty of time to make a practical and profound contribution to the world. In fact the last few years of our lives can be the most fruitful and rewarding. Let's take the positive road from now on! We need to establish clarity about our goals. Clarity about how we are living our lives.

Do we live a complaint-based life? or a life of Gratitude? If we're always whining and complaining about our lives, we lead a velcro-type existence, whereby all the nasty stuff sticks to us and drags us down - right? Instead, adopt a Teflon attitude, where nothing sticks. The magic word here is 'Gratitude'. Gratitude helps us live our lives like a Teflon frying pan. Nothing sticks and we glide and smile through life, putting others first. Ask not what the world can do for you, but what you can do for the world. Love it!

On that happy note,

Hugs and kisses galore - now Go get your Teflon on!!

Polly P xxx

Monday, May 4, 2015


The heart pounding moment I gazed at the above chart for Princess Charlotte, I felt a tremendous sense of sadness. She would have been Lady Diana's dream granddaughter! They would have been so compatible. Life sucks doesn't it? That's the sad part - the rest is all glad, I am happy to say. The first word that came to mind on looking at her chart was kindness. Charlotte is the sort of girl I would want as a friend. With her Sun in Taurus, Cancer rising, and Libra moon, she will be a potent combination of charm, poise, and kindness - just like Lady Diana! Her North Node in Libra, combined with all that 11th house activity, tells me she was born to make an impact on the world. This she will do through beauty, elegance, and class. A perfect Princess in absolutely every way.

Now, let's look at the Royal connections in her chart. For starters, Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth are both born under the same sign of Taurus. This is a rock steady, reliable, and down-to-earth sign that values family traditions - and dare I say can be quite set in their ways. Because she is a Princess, we can't use words like stubborn, so let's say she will be patience turned inside out! If she wasn't a Princess, she sure would be a material gal! The number 2 and sign of Taurus are both connected with money. She will never want. People born on May 2nd, September 2nd, and January 2nd are incredibly smart with money. These people typically work hard for the money, which is why they have it.

Interestingly, both Charlotte and George have the sign of Cancer prominent in their charts. George has his sun in Cancer, and as you can see above, Charlotte has her rising sign in Cancer. Lady Diana was born under the sign of Cancer, so yes, I am happy - no, make that delighted - to say her legacy will live on in both her grandchildren. The other great news about Charlotte is that she is going to be extremely close to both George and her parents Kate and William. Capricorn Kate and Charlotte are both practical, pragmatic, down-to-earth types and will be great buddies. Kate is so lucky. The stars were very well aligned on Saturday last!

Charlotte is going to be a homebody and not a natural born academic, so school could pose some challenges for her. She will gravitate more towards the arts. The other area she will have to watch very carefully is her food intake, as there could be a tendency on her part to emotional eating, plus the fact she is going to love her food, as will Prince George. Disciplined Kate will be on the job in that department!

Initially, she will be very uncomfortable with strangers and will only want her close of kin around her.  As a Princess, her moon in Libra is going to be a great help to her. Her natural tendency is to be private, but that Libra moon will help her charm the birds off the trees! It will be the sunshine on her cloudy days. She will know exactly how to behave in order to get the maximum bang for her Princess buck! She has her jupiter in Leo which means she loves beauty, elegance and opulence. Again, such a perfect position for a Princess! This girl will wow us with her fashion sense - trust me on this!!

All in all, I predict Charlotte will have absolutely no problem adjusting to the life she was born to live. No rebel in this little darling...well maybe just a tad, with that Uranus in Aries in the 11th house. Down the road, she may have relationship issues with that volatile 7th house Pluto. She may have to kiss a lot of croaking frogs before her handsome Prince arrives, but that's a long way down the road...let's just get the girl walking and talking first...right? Besides, she has a good solid Mum to remind her of her responsibilities. One thing is for sure - she's going to be a knockout!


Polly P xxx

Friday, May 1, 2015


It was a friend's birthday recently, so I gave her a plaque with the above words written on it. If I had to pick one of those words today, it would have to be LAUGH! Some snippets I picked up this past week:-


Let's face it, we live because we have no choice but to do so. As we go about living our lives, life happens. Some days enfold in ways that leave you with no choice but to laugh or to cry. We never know what is going to enfold. One sure way of being prepared is to be enjoying optimal health and energy. The experts tell us the 5 biggies to optimal health are:

Sleep (lots!)
De-stress (mindfulness, yoga, pets, nature)
Real food (no junk in the trunk!)
Water (drink lots!)
Exercise (keep moving...)


My dad used to sing "Love it is a funny thing, it makes a man a fool!" he'd sing it to get a rise out of mother! Love saved the day recently at an event I was at. A silly dispute arose, and one of the girls, who is very funny began singing the Beatles' song "All you need is love". We all joined in, raising the hands and before too long everybody was laughing again, and the dispute was quickly forgotten. See what I mean? If you sprinkle your daily activities with love, humour, and the realization that sometimes we need to just chillax, loosen up, get a grip - whatever! It is what it is...


Yesterday was a day that called for lots of good deep belly laugher. From dawn 'til dusk, it was a day peppered with peeves and cock-ups of the highest magnitude! I just laughed myself silly as each irritant knocked on my door - one by irksome one. Miscommunication was the culprit, but then isn't it always? Wounded egos, etc. Watch out this Sunday. We have a monster moon in Scorpio! Aaagh...I would just tread lightly, tiptoe through the tulips, keep the head down, put ear muffs on...and all shall we well!

Today is Fashion Friday. I have a fashion date so I better scat and get going...

Have a great weekend, but watch out for that Moooody moon on Sunday!! Sunny thoughts...

Sending Love and Laughter your way!


Polly P xxx

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I'm huge into Affirmations at the moment. As I've gotten into them, I've come to the aha moment realization that in fact - (and we really don't realize it because they sneak their way into our system) - we actually feed/poison our minds on an hourly basis, with a daily dose of nasty manure. "You're not good enough...smart enough...thin enough...rich enough...successful enough...". We have been poisoning our delicate little systems without even realizing it! Aren't we krazeeee?

NOW it's time to change the station - Yes Sir!/Madam! Today is the day!

I shall share with you some delightful daily affirmations for you to digest with your breakfast.

Here is today's delicious offering: It for YOU! courtesy of Louise Hay and me!!

              'I offer those around me patience, encouragement, support,
               a cheerful word, the gift of a smile - and most of all, appreciation'.

EnJOY and have a fabulous day to all my playful PP's (Polly Pals)


Polly P xxx

Monday, April 27, 2015


Today, was one of those grey gloomy Mondays that makes you want to stay in bed, pull the covers over your head, and fast forward to evening time when 'Dancing with the Stars' is on the telly, and everybody is cosy and supper is on the table.

We had been discussing talent over the weekend, and doing what makes your heart sing, and getting paid for it. How do you promote yourself? was another question that arose. Claudia's response was brilliant "A bird will never get fed if it doesn't open its mouth". Think about it. I thought about it.
You have to promote what you do! Sing! Shout it out loud! Because, just like a bird, you'll never get fed if you don't open your mouth.

As my business is growing, I realize I need to up-date my website, get some videos going, make some noise, because whenever I do that, the response is good - it's just you have to keep doing it! Yeps! Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration -  that's kinda depressing, isn't it? Well tomorrow I will be doing a half day workshop to learn how to be my own Rockstar Publicist. My eWoman Network friend Pamela Sylvan is running the workshop.

The bird theme was following me around because when I opened my agenda to write my to-do list for the day, there was a picture of a bird on the page with the following words:

             "Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent
               if no birds sang there except those that sang best".
And if that wasn't enough stimulation for my bird-brain, I looked out the kitchen window to see a beautiful robin perched on the branch of a tree. He was looking for grub, spotted some, and away he flew before another bird got to it. Hmm you have to be on the ball too! These birds are teaching me.

So, if you find yourself wanting to pursue your passion - whatever that may be. Take heart - and just do it! Dance, Sing, Create, Write, Sew - Just do it! And don't forget to tell the world about it while you're at it, because remember a bird will never get fed if it doesn't open its mouth!


Polly P xxx